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Real IRM Consulting ServicesReal IRM has an outstanding professional services team with a wide range of skills that are focused on establishing a sustainable, business-appropriate enterprise architecture capability.

We partner with our clients to create sustainable, business-appropriate enterprise architecture capabilities that provide immediate value. Our professional services are based on an industry-leading and proven enterprise architecture approach that is technology-independent.

The approach includes the global standard methodology, TOGAF® (The Open Group Architecture Framework), as the enterprise architecture process and the Zachman Framework as the enterprise architecture classification framework.

Architecture Capability-Building

Our architecture capability-building services establish, stabilise, revitalise, standardise and optimise architecture and modelling within your organisation. Our iterative plan-build-run approach is underpinned by effective change leadership to prepare, implement and anchor a sustainable, business-appropriate architecture capability.

Architecture and Modelling

Our architecture services allow you to scale and accelerate the development of your architecture from vision, through definition, planning and implementation, to the realisation of value. Our modelling services enable the visual representation of your architectures.These services support major business transformations and include; guidance in large integration projects; solution architectures aimed at improving integrity and reducing IT time to market.

Governance and QA

Our advisory services are able to setup, document and/or run your processes, service levels and platform. This enables you to manage model and work-product quality.

Architecture Platform

Our practical, technology-neutral approach ensures that you select the appropriate toolset for your organisation. Our collaborative platform facilitates content life-cycle management and reporting; knowledge coordination; visualisation of  models; as well as enhanced team productivity so as to reduce cost, improve quality and reuse, and address stakeholder concerns.

Outsourced Practice

Our support services include architecture framework management, content management, repository management, product and user support, as well as quality assurance.

Business Transformation

Our value realisation services include Business Process Improvement, and Application and Technology Rationalisation. This supports transformation through reducing complexity, risk and cost to create sustainable advantage.