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Trainer - Joanne Macgregor

Specialist consultant Joanne Macgregor has a background in education, IT training and business consulting, and she is also a registered Counselling Psychologist in private practice. She brings her considerable experience in these fields to helping corporations with soft skills and change management training, and team facilitation. A dynamic presenter, Joanne is also the author of several published novels.
Joanne began her professional life as a high school English teacher and from there moved into the corporate world, developing and delivering IT training for organisations in the field of insurance and IT consulting. She then worked as a business consultant in the field of change management for a “Big Four” consultancy, before completing her degrees in psychology and opening a private practice. While dealing primarily with victims of trauma and those in need of life-skills training, over the years Joanne has also provided several corporations and NGOs with training in soft skills such as communication, organisational values, conflict resolution, team building and corporate induction.
She brings her keen psychologist’s eye to observing individual, team and corporate dynamics, and facilitates a greater understanding of the principles and practice of human learning and change processes. She is passionate about training and education, and is a firm believer of the maxim: “If you think training is expensive, consider the cost of ignorance.” Her presenting style is professional, humorous and practical.
Joanne’s qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a post-graduate diploma in Education (cum laude), and an Honours and a Master’s degree (both cum laude) in Counselling Psychology.