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Real IRM's outsourcing services

Real IRM provides the outsourced services required to capture, maintain, and communicate all the products of an service-oriented architecture, without requiring companies to outsource the actual product content. It is Real IRM's view that the content of service-oriented architecture products must be developed and owned by the business itself, with the required experience and knowledge, and that service-oriented architecture services are there to enable this process.

Real IRM's outsourcing service is based on a business-appropriate and sustainable service-oriented architecture practice that is aligned to the business requirements of the client. The practice is set up in line with TOGAF™ and other service-oriented architecture industry standards. The focus of the practice is to deliver high-quality service-oriented architecture products appropriate to the identified clients.

Real IRM offers an experienced team that has a spread of skills and an extensive understanding of service-oriented architecture. Team members perform tasks that match their individual skill profiles. They can also be allocated more effectively based on the demand for services, thus preventing any potential bottlenecks.

Real IRM offers the following outsourcing services:

  • The provision of an service-oriented architecture environment with the required modelling and publishing tools.
  • Support for users of the service-oriented architecture environment.
  • Maintenance and extension of the service-oriented architecture framework based on agreed requirements.
  • Management of the content of the service-oriented architecture repository to ensure quality and integrity of service-oriented architecture products.
  • The publishing of service-oriented architecture repository content in different views aligned to the needs of various stakeholders.
  • Monitoring of the service-oriented architecture effort and the application of corrective action when required.