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Optimise The Delivery From Your Enterprise Architecture Practice

Real IRM's outsourcing service is based on a business-appropriate and sustainable enterprise architecture practice that is aligned to the business requirements of the client. The practice is set up in line with TOGAF® and other enterprise architecture industry standards. The focus of the practice is to deliver high-quality enterprise architecture products appropriate to the identified clients.

Enterprise architecture can be a powerful business tool for supporting decision-making and enabling business leaders to manage change. It should, however, be available, accessible and intuitive to be effective in the hands of business leaders.

By adopting best practices in outsourcing, Real IRM enables companies to minimise the risks and maximise the benefits of implementing an enterprise architecture.

Outsourcing the management of your enterprise architecture practice to Real IRM will promote specialisation in your organisation, allowing your architects to focus on their core competencies while you farm out your needs to a team of dedicated, expert consultants. This increases a company's intellectual property and results in higher quality products and services all round.

Why outsource?

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