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EA Guiding Principles

Product Description

Guiding principles are:

  • those core values that should be incorporated into every major IT initiative that Client undertakes.
  • complementary to the business strategies and are used to set and guide decision making, not to run the day-to-day IT business.
  • general rules and guidelines, intended to be enduring and seldom amended, that inform and support the way in which Client sets about fulfilling its mission.

Guiding principles will be developed for Enterprise Architecture as a discipline, as well as for the five domain architectures - business, information, data, application and technology.

Product Approach

Three workshops will be conducted to formulate the guiding principles:

  • EA Guiding Principles workshop
  • Business (Business and Information domains) Guiding Principles workshop
  • Solution (Data, Application and Technology domains) Guiding Principles workshop

The Real IRM consultants will prepare a collection of guiding principles from TOGAF® and their own knowledgebase. For each principle there will be an opposing principle. The workshop participants will then vote on the principles and based on the results of the vote a decision will be made on the adoption of principles. Implications would then be identified for the selected principles.

This approach has been adopted successfully in the past at other clients and tend to accelerate the decision process substantially.