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Information Meta-model

Product Description

The Information Meta-model defines the structure of the EA Toolset repository to model the business measures and information to the lowest level. It also defines the associated modelling standards. Example modles are developed to guide the architect in developing models that are compliant to the meta-model.

The meta-model has the following components:

  • Model type definitions - define the model purpose, objects, object purpose, attributes and connections per model type as well as naming standards
  • Model type interdependencies - define the dependencies and/or relationships between the various model types
  • Modelling standards
  • Model type interdependencies between model types from different domain architectures
  • Group naming standards and hierarchies
  • Example models to provide guidance to architects
  • Implemented EA Toolset filters, templates and groups

Product Approach

The Real IRM consultants develop an example EA Toolset databse based on the requirements specified in the EA Conceptual Framework and interviews with the domain architects. These examples are presented at a workshop to the domain architects to confirm the design of the meta-model.

As a result of the workshop the Real IRM consultants will update the examples and develop the meta-model deliverables. This will then again be reviewed in a workshop and finalised for aproval.