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For the first time since the Enterprise Architecture Forum’s inception in 2004, The Open Group South Africa is proud to have held a live, virtual Enterprise Architecture forum. The mostly-monthly event took place on the 25th of June 2020.

As a first virtual event, the forum was a huge success and drew people from different locations in South Africa, across countries such as Uganda and Botswana, and from as far afield as Australia.

Presenting at the forum, Mark van Bavel, an Executive Vice President, Digital Platform Architecture at NTT Limited, gave an inspiring presentation about how NTT Limited used Enterprise Architecture to formulate the strategy to both integrate and transform the organization after its merger in 2019. His detailed and in-depth presentation allowed viewers to get a taste of just how the world’s largest corporate merger of 2019 took place.

The Open Group South Africa continues to find innovative ways in which to get thought leaders in the Enterprise Architecture discipline to come together, network and share ideas, even through these difficult times.

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Date Published: 
Wednesday, 8 July, 2020 - 13:00