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The Open Group has introduced an Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS) certification programme for data scientists. Open CDS is an independent global certification for qualifying the skills, knowledge, and experience of Data Scientists.

The certification not only provides an opportunity for data scientists to increase their skills and demonstrate their professional expertise but also provides an opportunity for organisations to enhance their own learning and development programmes with a clearer understanding of the role played by their data scientists.

There are three levels of certification that data scientists can achieve:

-Level 1: Certified Data Scientist
-Level 2: Master Certified Data Scientist
-Level 3: Distinguished Certified Data Scientist

Certification is achieved through a series of three (3) stages:

-Stage One: Obtain required Milestone badges (four for Level 1, five for Level 2 & 3). Candidates have to submit separate Milestone Application Forms. These forms will be evaluated independently
-Step Two: Complete the Experience Application Form
-Step Three: Attend a board review

There is no classroom-based training to attend and as such. Certification is achieved through peer-reviews. Candidates submit a portfolio of work to demonstrate their expertise and this portfolio is then peer-reviewed against a set of predefined conformance requirements.

For more information on the Open CDS, go to

To register locally and pay in Rands for the Open CDS programme, please contact

Date Published: 
Wednesday, 2 October, 2019 - 06:15