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EA Landscape in South Africa

By: Wynand Vorster

The presentation focuses on an enterprise architecture (EA) survey that Sybase conducted through ITWeb earlier this year. The survey aimed to determine the adoption level of EA in South Africa as well as to gain perspective on its uses locally. Participants ranged from IT directors in blue chip...


SOA What?

By: Willem Bekker, Standard Bank
The presentation includes a discussion on: 1. SOA-in-brief described in practical business terms 2. “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” in SOA 3. How does one establish SOA? – a real example 07/2009

An overview of the GWEA Framework

By: Willie Needham, SITA and Julius Segole, GITO...

The South African government embraced TOGAF® 8.1 in early 2008 as an architectural guideline and is now the first public sector entity to formally adopt and adapt TOGAF® 9 for Enterprise Architecture (EA) delivery in government. The framework that resulted is referred to as the Government Wide...


A Project Governance Framework

By: Carol Thomas, Auditor-General

This presentation is a discussion on a project governance framework. It focuses on the definition of project goals, clarification of roles and responsibilities, risk management, change management, evidentiary requirements for an audit, and the enablement of project delivery.


Usability and Eye Tracking

By: Marco Pretorius, Usability Manager &...
This presentation provides insight into the work taking place in UNISA‘s usability laboratory. It includes examples of usability and eye-tracking studies and their results, and shows how a focus on usability and user-centred design improves delivery of the various layers of an enterprise... 03/2009 Download

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Moving From Checkmate to Archimate

By: Louw Labuschagne, Real IRM
ArchiMate is an exciting new development within The Open Group that is focused on providing mechanisms to support enterprise architects in describing, analyzing and visualizing the relationships between business domains in an unambiguous way. The aim of this presentation is to introduce the... 11/2008

Business Requirements, Use Cases, and EA Assets…

By: Marius Snel, Nedbank

This presentation describes how Nedbank has improved the quality of business requirements by using an Enterprise Architecture approach to identify and create processes from which use cases are defined and automatically generated for solution development.


Enterprise Architecture in Support of Project Execution

By: Etienne Venter, Woolworths

This presentation includes the manner in which the domain architectures are used in the solution architecture to support project execution. The solution architecture comprises project definition, business requirement specifications, system requirement specifications and application integration...


Solution Architecture for Eskom Distribution

By: Krystal Raptopoulos, Eskom

Following on from Shannon Naidoo’s successful presentation at the Enterprise Architecture Practitioners’ Conference in June, this presentation outlines the history of Solution Architecture modelling at Eskom Distribution. Particular emphasis is placed on the usage of the Solution Architecture...


Life Assurance Industry EA Event

By: Stuart Macgregor, Real IRM and Freda du Toit, SDT...
Event took place during July 2008 at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa. 07/2008