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TOGAF / GWEA Case Study – SEDA’s Approach to EA

By: Marcus Veeraragaloo and Kgaugelo Phochana

This month’s EA Forum is a look at how SEDA developed an Enterprise Architecture Anchor Model that is in line with the Government Wide Enterprise Architecture (GWEA) version 1.2. It touches on the work that was done and how the various frameworks and methodologies - particularly TOGAF® 9 and the...


"Do You Speak SOA"?

By: Clive Hatton

SOA has a language of its own with numerous terms that have as many meanings and connotations as there are architects. However, to communicate effectively about SOA both inside and outside the enterprise, it has become essential for architects to start “speaking the same language”. In this...


Why “Primitive” Models?

By: John Zachman - No Presentation available
John A. Zachman will present an introduction to the Sample Models for each of the cells of the Zachman Framework as well as define the utility of the single-variable, "Primitive" models required for engineering an Enterprise. The presentation will explain why few people (Enterprises) have... 12/2010

Are Business Analysts Enterprise Architects?

By: Jolita Fourie

Jolita Fourie’s presentation covers the key knowledge areas within the Business Analysis Framework (outlined within the IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK)) that relate to Enterprise Business Analysis and includes an overview of the discipline.


EMMMv Breakfast Seminar 22 Oct 2010

By: Johann Muller, Anglo American (EA Strategy...

The Open Group’s EMMMv forum hosted a breakfast seminar in celebration of the creation of the first exploration and mining business process reference model.


What is Enterprise Architecture?

By: Jan Mentz
In his presentation, Jan Mentz tackles some of the problems with defining EA by giving us insight into the lack of theoretical (and possibly philosophical!) grounding that is, or should be inherent to EA. He also highlights the issues that stem from EA’s foundation in information systems and... 07/2010

Enterprise Architecture at Internet Solutions

By: Hein Lorenzen

In his presentation Hein Lorenzen discusses how Internet Solutions uses enterprise architecture to address issues such as process standardisation and data integrity. Hein also highlights the use of industry-specific reference models and shows how Internet Solutions utilises them to help with the...


The CMDB; “a Collection of the Chaos in the IT Environment”

By: Alryn Smit

In his presentation Alryn Smit questions whether the IT terms, Configuration Management, Asset Management, Inventory Management, Service Management and CMDB are understood within themselves or whether they are being used too generically in a bid to address other issues in the organization.


Certification for Architects - is it worth it?

By: Jan de Beer
In his presentation, Jan de Beer, who was awarded his ITAC Level II (Master Certified IT Architect) in January 2009, shares his experiences around achieving his ITAC certification and his thoughts on the value that the ITAC certification has brought him from a professional stand-point. Jan also... 02/2010

Architecture Enabling KING III Compliance

By: Mauritz Kloppers

This presentation focuses on the new KING III code and the key requirements that can be enabled by EA and IT Governance; namely the development and maintenance of an IT Charter/policy that follows a formal Internal Control Framework, and the maintenance of Business / IT alignment and its...