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Security-by-Design in Enterprise Architecture

By: Frans Sauermann & Ngoie Wandelewe, MTN Group

The strategic importance of Information Security for organisations is gaining momentum. The current surge in cyber threats is compelling organisations to invest in information security to protect their assets. Rushing to protect assets often comes with the expense of excessive technology adoption without a valid strategic foundation. Enterprise Security Architecture is geared to address these issues, but is frequently misaligned with Enterprise Architecture.

10/2018 Download

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Debunking Technology Trend Myths

By: Gerhard Botha

The latest technology trends seem to promise almost magical results….. Artificial Intelligence will take over the world, Internet of Things is everywhere, and everything is in the cloud. In this presentation, Lead Enterprise Architect, Gerhard Botha, separates the magical from the mythical and debunk the myths surrounding these technology trends so that we can focus on the real value they can deliver.

08/2018 Download

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TOGAF 9.2 - Transforming Business

By: Stuart Macgregor

The latest version of the TOGAF standard has special emphasis on Business Architecture, Digital Trends, and Business Transformation beyond IT. Stuart Macgregor takes us through some of these changes to the TOGAF® 9.2 standard and discuss how they will benefit us.

05/2018 Download

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Approaches to Business Architecture

By: Michael Payne

In this presentation Michael Payne debates the merits of placing Business Architecture within an organisation’s Business, IT or Enterprise Architecture departments. He examines some of the options available to organisations starting out with Business Architecture, and touches on Business Architecture engagement models. In addition, Michael provides a sneak peak into the new developments in the Open-BA Framework.

09/2016 Download

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ArchiMate® 3.0 - Trick or Treat?

By: Bruno Vandenborre

In this presentation Bruno Vandenborre, The Open Group accredited trainer at Real IRM, explores the purpose and utility of the new version of the ArchiMate standard. As well as a look at the updates and changes to the new version, he discusses the various responses and critiques to ArchiMate, and provide insight into how ArchiMate benefits the South African market.

07/2016 Download

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Technological Trends in a Disruptive Age

By: Gerhard Botha

In this presentation, Gerhard Botha, Head of Group MES architecture at Sasol, discusses the major technological trends that are set to challenge businesses. He will take a look at opportunities as well as ways to respond to the challenges.

06/2016 Download

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IT4IT™ - Managing the Business of IT

By: Louw Labuschagne

An overview of The Open Group IT4IT Reference Architecture. It is a vendor and product-agnostic value chain-based operating model for managing the business of IT. While providing guidance on the design, procurement and implementation of the functionality needed to run IT, it also enables the systematic tracking of the state of IT services across the service life-cycle using four value streams - Strategy to Portfolio, Request to Fulfill, Requirement to Deploy, and Detect to Correct.

03/2016 Download

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Global Implications for Business Process and EA

By: Graham Fleischer

In this presentation, Graham Fleischer, S&OP Coordinator and Demand Analyst at Arysta LifeScience, discusses the work done at the dynamic multinational. He describes their changing organisation and take us through the pitfalls and successes they have encountered through dealing with people, processes and systems.

01/2016 Download

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Corporate Governance of ICT in the Public Sector

By: De Wit Coetsee

Corporate Governance of ICT in the public sector sets out to formalise the use of ICT as a resource to enable service delivery. This requires a cultural change since ICT needs to migrate from its technical role to become a strategic player in government service delivery efforts. This presentation takes us through the institutional arrangements required to facilitate this positioning and use of ICT.

07/2015 Download

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Open CA/CITS - Professionalisation of the Information Technology Sector

By: Louw Labuschagne

This presentation provides an overview of the Open Certified Architect (Open CA) and Open Certified IT Specialist (Open CITS) programmes from The Open Group. These globally recognised, vendor-neutral certification programmes require candidates to submit a portfolio of evidence that details their skills and experience. Suitable for a variety of IT professionals, the Open CA certification has IT Architecture, Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture streams, and the Open CITS certification caters to IT specialists including Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, Security Specialists, Network Specialists and Service Support Specialists.

06/2015 Download

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