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Swimlane / Flow Diagram Generator

Satisfy your stakeholders with process flows that are tailored to their business needs without compromising the primary model.

Utility Description

EA modeling tool add-on that automatically generates alternative process flow views based on the primary model.  This provides various business-relevant views, while still maintaining the integrity of the primary model. These views could include:

  • Process swimlane models by responsible or accountable role
  • Process swimlane models by organisational unit
  • Process swimlane models by location
  • Process swimlane models by application use
  • Process models depicting document and report flows
  • Process models depicting policy and work instruction flows

Swimlane flow diagram generator



Provides information specific to business needs – the utility automatically generates relevant swimlane and flow views of your process models that are based on your stakeholder’s requirements.

Client Feedback

"The Swimlane Generator is a quick and easy way to transfer captured information into a new view that can be used by different stakeholders".

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