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Process Manual Utility

Get business value from your EA! Automatically generate a process manual from your modeling repository in a format that is accessible and adheres to company standards.

Utility Description

EA modeling tool add-on that automatically generates complete procedure documents from the modelling tool into Microsoft Word, using your organisation’s documentation template and standards.

The procedure documents include:

  • Process flow representation
  • Process descriptions
  • Responsibility matrix
  • Definition of terms and abbreviations
  • Required document control components


Process Manual Utility



  • Access to pertinent information - allows you to generate procedure documents containing the information you require
  • Accessible format – information is represented in MS Word /PDF
  • Adherence to company document standards – documents are generated in the templates mandated by your organisation.
  • Automated – no manual rework or editing required to generated documents

Client Feedback

"With the Process Manual Utility, the process in the repository is the only source you need to maintain. By populating the required attributes according to the Meta Model all the role players can see and use the processes – from system development, to training, to audit.

The value the Process Manual Utility adds to business is tremendous!"
Karen Visagie, GMSI