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Process Detail Utility

Accelerate project delivery while improving model quality by getting business experts to capture information in MS InfoPath Forms or Excel without the expense of extra EA tool licenses and training.

Utility Description

The Process Detail Utility is an EA modeling tool add-on that provides a straightforward method for business experts to capture modelling information in Microsoft InfoPath forms or Excel spreadsheets, which can then be imported into the modelling tool repository.

  • Bidirectional synchronisation
  • Data capture validation
  • Quick implementation of the Conceptual Framework in InfoPath
  • Library of InfoPath forms that may be be tailored to your specific needs
  • Library of current best operating practice (cBOP) - (pre-populated InfoPath forms) 

EA is integral to every EA tool that we deliver and supports concepts such as the Zachman primitives

Process Detail Utility



Ease of use - enables business experts to capture modelling information without having to use the modelling tool directly.

Saves on costs – tool negates the need for tool-specific training and additional licensing.

Client Feedback

"This Utility is easy to use for business owners who lack process modeling skills and tool licenses. It speeds up the course of action as it cuts out unnecessary errors as they work with populated lists, and it forces them to be as comprehensive as possible. They are also able to populate the models at venues where no access to the repository is possible.

The Process Detail Utility was a serious EUREKA moment for me".
Karen Visagie, GMSI