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Modeller Productivity Utilities

Run your EA cost-effectively by automating time-consuming modelling activities

Utility Description

These EA tool add-ons automate time-consuming modelling activities within the modelling tool, for which no standard tool functionality exists. This set of utilities provides the following functions:

  • Creation of multiple object assignments at once.
  • Maintaining of a number of model names at once to ensure correctness as per the modelling standards.
  • Maintaining of a number of object names at once to ensure correctness as per the modelling standards.

Modeller Productivity Utility



Saves on costs - these utilities saves the modellers countless hours of repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Client Feedback

"NO EA/Modeling Office should be without these utilities. The amount spent on these utilities is recovered from the cut in consultant effort and cost in no time. It just makes so much business sense it is not even debatable!"
Karen Visagie, GMSI

GMSI finds our Modeller Productivity Utilities most useful because...

"Instead of spending 45 minutes creating the L4 FAD's of one L4 Event Driven Process Chain, this utility creates the L4 FAD’s in 60 seconds".

"It takes forever to manually check that each model name corresponds with the superior object name, whereas this utility allows you to select a whole folder and update all the model names in minutes!"

"They cut the time spent on quality assurance-related tasks that are low level and repetitive".