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HR System Organisational Structure Synchronisation Utility

Keep your HR models relevant and save on costs by automating the update and maintenance of the models.

Utility Description

Automatically synchronises the organisational structure contained within the HR database (e.g. SAP HR) into the modelling tool repository.  This ensures that the organisational elements referred to within the repository are valid and do not have to be manually recaptured and kept up to date.

These interfaces can be customised to suit your organisation’s technologies where standard tool functionality is unavailable or inadequate.

Additional Utilities

Coupled with the use of the Swimlane Generator Utility, the automatic synchronisation of the HR structures into the EA repository allows for the generation of views that can be used for training and job descriptions for specific position types.

Used in conjunction with the Impact Analysis Utility, the up-to-date organisational structures within the EA repository can be used to trace the responsible and accountable elements within the Enterprise Architecture to the actual people within the organisation to facilitate problem handling and change management.

HR System Organisational Structure Utility



Maintains up-to-date information

Enables traceability for responsibility, accountability and ownership from the information contained within your modelling repository to the organisations and people within your HR environment.