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Data Extractor Utility

Satisfy the needs of your business users by transforming model content into accessible information from which they can draw reports.

Utility Description

The Data Extractor Utility is an EA tool add-on that provides an export of the modelling tool repository content into a relational database (e.g. MS SQL, MySQL or MS Access). This export provides a point-in-time view of the repository content, which delivers a powerful reporting capability for impact analysis, and other custom reporting based on the repository content.  This utility provides the user with reporting-friendly and accessible data with which to develop multiple views (e.g. job description or application usage matrices) from your repository using SQL queries or reporting and analysis tools such as MS Excel, Crystal Reports or BusinessObjects.

Data Extractor



Makes data accessible - user is provided with reporting-friendly data with which to develop multiple views.

Facilitates the use of a BI toolset – utility enables the interface between your modelling repository and Business Intelligence toolset.