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Enterprise Architecture Toolset Selection

This is a thorough, objective selection of the most suitable collection of EA tools required for your EA Practice. We either facilitate the selection process or make a recommendation based on an understanding of your stakeholders, concerns and viewpoint requirements.

Our service is unique because it is...

  • Driven by EA - we use proven EA conceptual frameworks and meta-models to guide you in your EA toolset selection
  • Based on real-world EA - we are hands-on users of numerous EA tools
  • Quick - we apply a proven methodology to accelerate the selection
  • Future proof - we track the technical development of numerous EA toolsets and participate in the definition of the requirements that tools need to conform to in order to support TOGAF® 9

How can we help you?

Swimlane GeneratorSwimlane/ Flow Diagram Generator

Generate a view from your process models that is specific to business requirements

Process Manual

Process Manual

Automatically transform information from your modelling tool into a process manual in MS Word.

Data ExtractorData Extractor

Export modelling tool repository content into a relational database for business reporting

Impact Analysis Utility

Impact Analysis UtilityExtract your architecture information into a reporting environment that can be used for decision-making

Quality Assurance Tracking Utility

Quality Assurance Tracking Utility

Track your QA process and the progress of your modelling tool content automatically.

Process Detail Utility

Process Detail UtilityEnable your business experts to capture modelling information without having to use the modelling tool directly.

HR System Organisational Structure Synchronisation

Hr System Organizational Structure SyncAutomatically synchronise your organisational structure within the HR database into the modelling tool repository.

Document Management System Synchronisation

Document Management System SynchronisationMaintain up-to-date business documentation information in your modelling repository automatically.

Modeller Productivity Utility

Modeller Productivity UtilityAutomate time-consuming modelling activities within your modelling tool where no standard tool functionality exists.