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Sparx Enterprise Architect is a multi-user, graphical tool designed to help teams build robust and maintainable systems. With built-in requirements management capabilities, Sparx Enterprise Architect helps the user to trace high-level specifications to analyse, design, implement, test and maintain models using UML, SysML, BPMN and other open standards

Key Differentiators

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect provides a cost effective collaboration and team development solution that is priced to outfit the entire team
  • Test Management is built-in: Testpoint management, model-based test execution, test case specification and support for JUnit and NUnit
  • Flexible documentation options; including HTML, PDF and DOCX report writers  
  • Out-of-the-box code engineering support for many languages  
  • An integrated Visual Execution Analyzer to profile, debug and document executing applications; instantiate run-time model objects; and record sequence diagrams from a stack trace  
  • An extensible modeling environment that can host user-defined profiles and technologies
  • Support for a number of mechanisms that export and import models using industry standards, XMI
  • Multiple views that are built around industry best practices.

Tool of Choice - Benefits of using sparx enterprise architect

Scalable Solution for Business Growth

Sparx Enterprise Architect is a multi-user, highly scalable too making it suitable for all needs ranging from single developers to multinational corporations. The toolset supports business growth making it a business-appropriate and sustainable choice.

End-to-End Architecture Environment

  • UML 2.5-based modeling
  • Executive Dashboarding and Portfolio Management
  • Extensive Project Management support; including resources, tasks, project calendar and metrics
  • Immediate use of all major architecture frameworks and notations such as TOGAF®, The Zachman Framework, UPDM, BPMN and Archimate®. Training in these frameworks and techniques are available from Real IRM
  • Forward and reverse engineering of project source code in C++, C, Java, VB.NET, C#, PHP, Delphi, Visual Basic, Action Script, Python and more
  • Forward and reverse engineering of databases in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Sybase PostgreSQL and more
  • Utilisation of model views, model search, element traceability and the relationship matrix for project change management
  • Use of extensive automation to take control with Sparx Enterprise Architect scripts in JavaScript, JScript and VBScript to handle time consuming and repetitive GUI tasks
  • Integration with IDE, keeping the user’s project and code on the same page. Integrations are also available for Visual Studio, Eclipse and TcSE

Adaptable for Business Fit

The high level of adaptability natively supported by the Sparx Enterprise Architect environment means that organisations are not bound to a specific development environment. Rather, the tool fits the organisation’s development environment.

Powerful Tool for Business Analysis

Sparx Enterprise Architect is a powerful tool for the analysis and management of your business. It allows an organisation to build a coherent picture of a proposed system with built-in requirements and management capabilities that are essential to a successful project. Business Analysts are able to:

  • Create and view requirements directly in a Sparx Enterprise Architect model
  • Identify and document relationships in a tabular format and via a model/diagram
  • Record essential element information such as status, difficulty and priority
  • Document and trace requirements throughout the life of a project
  • Verify strategic decisions and trace organisational objectives
  • Capture business logic using business rules and business process models

Models using Industry Standard

  • A comprehensive UML 2 profile for BPMN
  • The facility to develop business process models based on open industry standards
  • Easy-to-use, template-driven document generators for RTF and HTML
  • The option to automatically generate business process specifications as documents or web pages.
  • Support for various DBMS based repositories, including Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL and PostgreSQL
  • Collaboration facilities to involve all stakeholders by sharing the BPMN model with multiple, concurrent users.
  • Built-in support for project management, resources, and maintenance
  • A feature allowing management of business process development at every stage of the life cycle within the modeling environment.
  • Logs necessary to manage change history and govern the development process

Agile for Disruption

Described as a disruptive technology, Sparx Enterprise Architect sets the standard for innovative, affordable, Agile visual modeling platforms.

TOGAF® Certified

TOGAF® is one of the most widely accepted methods for developing enterprise architecture. Sparx Enterprise Architect provides a model-based framework for implementing architectures using the TOGAF® 9.1 Architecture Development Method. Tightly integrated with Sparx Enterprise Architect, MDG Technology for TOGAF® extends UML 2.5 to support The Open Group’s approach to information systems architecture allowing users to:

  • Implement all phases of the TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (ADM)
  • Create visual models of As-Is and To-Be architecture
  • Model all four TOGAF® architecture domains: Business, Application, Data and Technology
  • Productively document all TOGAF® work products
  • Leverage the Archimate® profile built into Sparx Enterprise Architect

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Internationally Acclaimed Solution

  • CIO Review Magazine Most Promising Tools Solution Provider 2015
  • Gartner Enterprise Architecture Magic Quadrant inclusion 5 times
  • Forrester Wave 2015
  • SD Times 100 Award 7 times
  • Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Award 2 times
  • Readers Choice Merit Awards from Visual Studio Magazine 2 times