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Tool Benefits & Features

  • Visualize systems using the latest UML 2.5 notation
  • Document and describe business processes with BPMN 2.0
  • Model and simulate systems engineering projects with SysML 1.4
  • Leverage numerous other open modeling standards
  • Built-in Requirements Management
  • Extensive Project Management support
  • Test Management built-in
  • Flexible documentation options
  • Code engineering support
  • An integrated Visual Execution Analyzer
  • Extensible modeling environment
  • Easy to get up and running quickly
  • Fast performer
  • Can handle large models and many concurrent users
  • Priced to outfit the entire team
  • Cost effective collaboration and team development solution

Sparx Enterprise Architect Mentoring and Quality Assurance Services

Real IRM offers on-site and remote mentoring and quality assurance services to empower individuals and teams to create high-quality deliverables that adhere to their company's standards. This service is offered to build competence and confidence such that a self-sufficient and high-performance team is established.


On-the-job mentoring sessions follow formal Sparx Enterprise Architect training courses during which individuals gain the basic theory and how to apply it in the tool.

These one-on-one (or one-on-two) mentoring sessions are held to support and guide individuals while delivering their required outputs. Assistance provided includes:

  • Tips and tricks on the optimal use of the tool to drive up efficiency and productivity
  • Guidance on best practices when using the tool so as to ensure reuse
  • Identification of quality reports that promote governance
  • Answers to any tool-related questions

Mentoring sessions can take place over an extended period so as to ensure that a sustainable capability is created. The mentoring schedule is dependent on the client's needs and can be adjusted as the team grows and matures. 

Quality Assurance and Guidance

In order to grow the health and sustainability of the Sparx Enterprise Architect environment, quality assurance of the models is critical. Our quality assurance services ensure that the client's modelling standards are adhered to, while improving the skills of the modellers. Once the models have been checked, one-on-one feedback sessions are scheduled with the modeller to guide them through any corrections and changes.

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