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Social Responsibility

Real IRM Social ResponsibilityIntroduction

Real IRM is committed to creating and maintaining an organisation that focuses on personal development, embraces diversity, and encourages innovation and creativity. The company strives to present opportunities to our employees that help them to grow to reach their potentials. We do this by empowering our people, providing a fair and equitable work environment, and by investing in both our employees and the communities from which they come.

Employment Equity

Real IRM is striving to achieve diversity in its workforce and thereby reflect the varied demographics in South Africa. The company hires on merit and develops all its staff members in fields relevant to their positions in the organisation. Hiring procedures and policies are carefully documented, and affirmative action appointments, like all others, reflect the candidate's capability and potential. Performance is assessed on merit alone, and incentives and salary increases are awarded on this basis.

All our employees are treated equally and without bias so that equal opportunities are available to all. The organisation holds a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind. Real IRM adheres to the laws laid out in the Labour Relations Act and strives to maintain a working environment where innovation and initiative are rewarded and employees are free to express their creativity.

Real IRM is a level 2 BBBEE contributor. Our BBBEE Scorecard is available for download.


Real IRM is committed to these employment equity objectives:

  • Promoting employee diversity : We will nurture a company culture in which respect for all people is valued and diversity is recognised as an asset.
  • Eliminating discrimination : We have eliminated any discriminatory practices and policies.
  • Removed barriers to the advancement of previously disadvantaged groups : We have removed any barriers that unfairly restrict access to employment, promotion, training and allocation of benefits.
  • Value Based Management - Real IRM are implementing value based management (VBM) as a cornerstone of our remuneration and empowerment policy across all staff members. Our approach to VBM is based on the following principles:
    • Alignment - linked to ability to create value
    • Improvement - changes in value creation
    • Concentration - one measure of total business performance
    • Materiality - worth your while
    • Unlimited upside - no ceilings
    • Sustainability - bonus deferral
    • Retention - deferred bonus forfeit
    • Definitive - explicit, reliable and objective link between bonus and performance
    • Community - full employee participation
  • Eliminating all harassment : We enforce our Disciplinary Code, which defines unacceptable conduct and explains grievance procedures. This code covers employment equity issues, while a separate policy is in place to cover sexual harassment.

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BBBEE Certificate

Real IRM is a Level 2 BBBEE Contributor
Real IRM BBBEE Certificate